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Selling Guide

What are the different ways to sell a house?

Auction, private treaty or expression of interest – what are the differences, and which is best for your situation? Find out the pros and cons of each option, as well as how to set the price of your home, and when to accept an offer. The three main ways are auction, private treaty or expression of interest. The best way to sell a house is through an open house or by inviting buyers for a private showing. This will allow you to get the most offers and also get the highest price for your property.

Preparing your home 

First impressions are everything, you will need to think what type of buyer you would like to purchase your property and make necessary changes to adapt to the mind and style choice of the target buyer.

Key preparations:

  • Make any repairs
    Declutter to create more space
  • Clean all areas
  • Style – hiring a stylist is a great way to achieve the look you are wanting and also see what popular styles are on the current market
  • Repaint any areas that look dull, patchy or inconsistent
Setting a sale price 

We will work out a plan for listing, showing and selling your property. It’s important do research on local sales beforehand. Alternatively, you could also visit local auctions of comparable properties to see what the current market is doing.

Marketing your property

A key investment you can make during the selling process of your property is funding a marketing and advertising campaign for your property. If you want to make sure you will get the best result, you must advertise in a number of areas. Within a highly competitive buyers market, it’s best to ensure that your house is prepared and looking its best and most welcoming.

Our team can organise an array of advertising methods based off your budget. There are many different ways to market your property such as real estate portals, signboards, local mailbox drops and newspaper advertising.

The Sale Contract

It is a common problem in selling a house to forget to make a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions. When your house is open for inspection, many buyers will assume that everything they see is included in the sale such as furniture and artwork.

It is important to specify what is and what is not included in the sales contact. Our selling experts can go through the whole process with you step by step

What are the key costs?

When selling your property, knowing what costs you will need to cover is most important.
Here are three key costs:

Conveyancing and Legal Fees – conveyancers either charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. These costs include factors such as mortgage registration, inspection fees and property transfer registration.

Marketing Costs – marketing campaigns are a mix of print and digital media such as professional photography, property video,  real estate portals and outdoor advertising methods.

Commissions & Agent Fees – commission is paid when the property has been sold. 


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