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Clover Hill Calderwood welcomes you to an exciting new opportunity; a suburb on the brink of transport, recreation and lifestyle transformation. An amazing new home, a remarkable investment. , or a special family retreat.Clover Hill is a new sub-regional centre located between the Hills Districts of Katoomba, Blackheath and Batemans Bay, offering unmatched lifestyle opportunities with its natural beauty.If you are looking for an exciting new lifestyle without sacrificing convenience and accessibility then Clover Hill is the perfect place to bring your business or family home.

Finding the perfect place to live can be tricky and it’s why Clover Hill gives you such a great choice. Located in the lively Calderwood District, you’ll have plenty of time for good times with family, friends and colleagues alike.

Clover Hill Estate is family-friendly just like the developers want it to be. The single home only estate, where open space and clean air are valued has restrictions set by the Developer along with Lend Lease and Shellharbour City Council. on the land to prevent further development of these lots to provide protection from medium-density overdevelopment. Nestled on a gentle slope, near Macquarie Pass and close to all the amenities, this land sub division offers a great lifestyle. Home owners have the option of selecting a range of features and are able to customize their estate design with a number of different options, including open space, house plans and roof options.This exclusive estate is just moments away from one of Western Sydney’s most popular beaches- Clovelly Beach.This restricted land release includes 8 lots. You can select from 2 or 4 bedrooms family homes with internal floor plans from 600 square metres up to 1000 square metres.There is also the option to invest in this property and build a custom designed home of your own design for an extra cost- but you’ll need to discuss this with the agent. first.

Clover Hill Estate offers a wide-range of homes to suit whatever your lifestyle and budget. Register your interest today!


.*Fee covers the cost of a 1 hour site inspection and is payable on settlement (see under settlement conditions)*


Buying Land in Australia FAQs

Can foreigners buy land in Australia?

Yes, foreign nationals can invest in Australian property and buy property. They’ll first need to speak with the Foreign Investment Review Board before they do though.


How much money do I need to buy land in Australia?

Each lender has different rules, but in general they can grant you up to 95% of the property’s value if the land is 11 hectares (or less) Anything bigger than this will usually require a minimum deposit of 20%. You will be required to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) if you have a deposit less of than 20%. of the property value. If you are borrowing less than 95% of the property’s value, lenders will typically ask for a 10% deposit and LMI.Comparing Lenders Mortgage Insurance with Advertised Rates


Where is the cheapest land to buy in Australia?

Cobar – a base metals and gold mining town in central-west New South Wales, Australia is the cheapest location to buy farming land in Australia, per the 2021 Rural Bank Farmland Values Report.