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From beach side cottage homes, to modern contemporary houses in the city, we guarantee you will find a property in the Illawarra best suited to your wants and needs.

With 15 different locations in the Illawarra, we can help you wherever your property search takes you and your dream location. Our local teams have the knowledge and years of experience you need.


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5 Reasons Why Property Sales in Illawarra are on the Rise

Reason 1: Expectations Rising – people are now more demanding and discerning when it comes to their homes

Reason 2: Tough market conditions – lower supply of properties for sale due to various factors such as changing demographics and housing indicators

Reason 3: Rental markets improving – rates rising at an unprecedented rate over the past quarter

Reason 4. Stronger job market – unemployment rates declining across most regions with many positions waiting to be filled

Reason 5. More choice of properties- more choice of suburbs and proximity from